Current Members

Mindy (Upline Coach)
Ember (Upline Coach)
Kristi (Upline Coach)

The Team

Team Work is my fitness team (of friends and new comers) that have become more like a family than a simple social group.  We’re like-minded individuals that support one another’s endeavors in health, fitness, and business.  In addition to our fitness goals, we also pursue a shared dream of becoming our own bosses and running our own business, from home.

The Name

The meaning behind the name is simple; Team Work is all about being a team and putting in work.  Living healthy and staying in shape isn’t always easy, especially on a daily basis.  It takes work, dedication, and a lifestyle change to stay on track and the best way to stay focused is by surrounding yourself with a strong team or support group like ours.  My team is 100% committed to living healthy, working hard, and supporting/being “there” for one another. We all have ups and downs, the important thing is we are always pushing to move forward.

Join Our Family!!!

If you’re interested in joining the team and curious what it takes to join, search no further.  Membership costs vary, based on your involvement – but we can plug you in and help you start your journey. All of the members of Team Work are Coaches either working on their own journey, or paying it forward and helping others achieve better health, wellness, and habits. You do not have to be a fitness professional, nutrition specialist or personal trainer. You MUST have a heart for self development, the desire to succeed, and faith in yourself.  We work with the willing. If you have the will, we will help you find your way.

If you’d like to become part of Team Work, please contact me:

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