When we create a promotional image or cover photo for social media, we should consider not only the desktop version of each website, but also the mobile version.  Every social site has optimal settings at which graphics can be viewed and each website’s size is unique.  

While we cannot guarantee that 100% of viewers will see our graphics just as we wish, we can follow respective guidelines to ensure we’re creating images that are viewed optimally for the majority of onlookers/devices.  

Instagram image sizes have randomly changed as graphic technology and mobile displays continue to improve.  Most recently, sizes were 612 x 612, 640 x 640, and finally 1080 x 1080.  The latest upgrade in size (1080x1080) has allowed Instagram to keep up with the latest improvements in retina technology. 


Instagram Image Cheat Sheet

Facebook, in particular, can be quite tricky to figure out.  The perspectives and viewable areas are different on all devices and everything seems to scale at random.  The template below is a great tool for Fan Pages.  Be sure to keep your image above the links line (illustrated below):


Facebook Image Cheat Sheet

Facebook Wall Template (851 x 315)

YouTube channels utilize a safe zone that is visible on all platforms.  When viewed on a tablet or mobile device, the safe zone scales as shown below: 


YouTube Image Cheat Sheet

YouTube Channel Template

Twitter cover photos are quite easy to manage, in comparison to the majority of social websites.  The scaling quality is decent across all platforms and the cheat sheet below will help you stay at optimal sizes: 


Twitter Images Cheat Sheet


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