What does being a Beachbody Coach entail?

The beautiful thing about becoming a coach is that you can set your own pace with your business.  Whether you’re becoming a coach strictly for the discount on Shakeology or you intend to become a full-time coach, your level of participation and community involvement is completely your decision.  Being a coach entails varying factors for each person but the requirement to maintain your “coach” status is maintaining a $16 per month fee.

How do I become a coach?

You simply need to sign up HERE. Once you have signed up a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule your getting started right call.

Are there any coaching fees?

Yes.  A one time business start up fee of $40 and a recurring monthly fee of $16.

Business Startup Fee:  A one-time fee of $40 will be due at the time of your registration as a coach.  This fee includes your first month’s Business Service Fee and your Coach Business Kit (kit will be sent via snail mail from Beachbody). This fee is waived if you sign up as a coach with the purchase of a challenge pack.

Business Service Fees:  30 days from the date of your registration payment, you’ll begin paying a monthly (Business Service) fee of $15.95 + plus state tax.  This fee covers the cost of the 5 turnkey websites Beachbody provides for you at sign-up. You save about $30 per month on your Shakeology when you are a coach, so this fee is worth it.

What's the value in becoming a coach?

The monthly fee of $15.95 grants you access to 5 turnkey websites (of YOUR own), a monthly discount on your Shakeology subscription, 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products, 25 % commission from any sales you make, access to official Beachbody training videos, trainers and websites, access to calls with celebrity trainers and industry professionals, direct access to and mentoring from successful up-line coaches, membership to a community of coaches that’s grown beyond 250,000, and so much more.  For me the value is found in the family of like minded individuals. Driven, committed, passionate individuals who just want to end the trend of obesity and negativity.

Is there an age restriction for Beachbody coaches?

To become a Beachbody coach, you must be at least 18 years old.


When can I start selling Beachbody products?

You may begin selling Beachbody products as soon as you become as you sign up to be a coach. You will receive a Coach ID, or referring rep ID, that you will use to direct people to sign up on your team or purchase products from you.

What is the commission rate for sales?

Beachbody coaches receive 25% commission on all products sold. Once you’ve established down-line coaches, you’ll receive team cycle bonuses based on their volume points.

What are Volume Points?

With each completed order, you’ll earn “volume points” that accumulate on a weekly basis. Your volume points will be applied to your up-line coaches weekly team cycle. Your down-line coaches volume points will be applied to your  weekly team cycle.

What are the potential WEEKLY Team Cycle bonus rates?

Potential WEEKLY Team Cycle bonus rates:

  • Coach                   =    $0
  • Emerald               =    $250
  • Ruby                     =    $1,000
  • Diamond             =    $2,000
  • 1 Star Diamond  =    $3,000
  • 2 Star Diamond  =    $4,000
  • 3 Star Diamond  =    $5,000
  • 4 Star Diamond  =    $6,000
  • 5 Star Diamond  =    $7,000
  • 6 Star Diamond  =    $8,000
  • 7 Star Diamond  =    $9,000
  • 8 Star Diamond  =    $10,000
  • 9 Star Diamond  =    $11,000
  • 10 Star & Above  =    $12,000

For more information on team cycle bonuses, please visit Beachbody’s website.

What training is offered for selling Beachbody products?


In addition to the multitudes of free training offered by Beachbody, many coaches prefer to personally train (or assist) their down-line coaches with sales.  Regardless of your sales ability, training is available to help you optimize your business.

I prefer to spend one-on-one time with each of my coaches when they begin selling. We have every resource we could possibly need available to us in our online office.

Is there an age restriction for Beachbody sales?

To use Beachbody products and services, Beachbody suggests that the person is at least 13 years old.


How does the ranking system work?

Coaches are ranked on levels ranging from a “Coach” to “15-Star Diamond,”  based on the size and success of your team. We have YouTube videos, slides, and other resources that will breakdown the ranking system for coaches if you are interested. Simply contact me for more information.

What are the different ranking levels?

Ranks are as follows:  Coach, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond (up to 15-Star level).


What happens to my rank if I lose down-line coaches?

When you rank up, it’s commonplace to temporarily lose your new rank due down-line coaches becoming inactive.

DON’T WORRY and don’t let this discourage you!  If you practice the techniques your up-line coaches share with you, you’ll replace lost coaches quickly.  As time progresses, you’ll likely maintain more coaches as you learn to optimize your own business practices.



What's required to maintain my current rank?

Based on your current rank, you’ll be required to maintain a certain number of volume points on a weekly basis.  Additionally, you’ll need to be an active coach and make sure to pay your monthly coaching fee. For more detailed information contact me.



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