So I’m on this 6 week carb cycling adventure and so far, so good.

Basically I am working to reset my hormones, chemicals, and metabolism by focusing on a general split of 50% complex carbs, 20% lean protein, and 30% healthy fats.

Each day’s goal is a little different. Yesterday was feast day, so I ate 50% MORE calories than I do on a normal calorie day (so around 3000 total calories for yesterday). Today is a fast day, I will drink lots of water and eat tonight around supper time. My workouts vary based on the day (fast day always falls on a rest day) and I’m excited to be off today. Yesterday I went HARD in our PiYO Live class, but don’t feel like I challenged myself enough for a feast day – so next week I will step it up a notch!

I feel great. The program is not to hard to follow and I really believe it is going to give me increased knowledge to help all of my fit friends even better.

In other news, I’m excited for the weekend. Tomorrow I finish my CPR/AED/First aid training which means I can go ahead and complete my personal trainer certification.

The rest of the weekend I get to relax and catch up on some online quizzes. I’ve worked hard this week, it feels good.
Stay tuned for my carb cycling craziness next week. B


Physical & Financial Life Coach