My name is Tiffany Taylor. I am a wife, mother of two, business owner, financial adviser, group fitness instructor, daughter, sister, believer, and occasional Netflix junkie. I LOVE helping people, particularly moms, improve the quality of their life and feel loved. I’ve worked my entire career (since 2005) as a financial adviser and have also (since 2013) fallen in love with helping others lead healthier and more fulfilling lives through friendship and fitness.

I never intended to become so engrossed with my fitness endeavors. It wasn’t until I had recovered from my spinal fusion, was overweight, miserable and depressed that I started my own journey to happiness. Fighting through post-surgery limitations I eventually lost 35 pounds, became a group fitness instructor and have a team of incredible men and women I work with daily. They are my tribe.

With our team of fighters, hard workers, and friends I have found success DESPITE distress. Death, depression, divorce, debt, foreclosure…. you name it, I have been through it. If I can take simple steps to improve my life, share what has worked for me and stick with you while you do the same, I know you can too. I am blessed to be able to pay it forward.

Knowing that we have helped someone achieve a healthier lifestyle, a few more smiles, more confidence in their skin, pay down debt, or achieve goals is what makes me TICK. Crystal had the courage to reach out to me when I was down and change my life, I hope I can reach out to others and do the same.

I genuinely cherish every team member, customer, and coach I work with, and I appreciate every family member, stranger, friend, and student that has helped, and continues to help me reach for bigger goals and dream bigger dreams. It takes a village, I am glad you are a part of mine.

Thank you for visiting and please reach out anytime!


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